As part of its project of diffusion of new mexican music by young composers, Vorágines has created its own Publishing House. This projects focuses on new music creations with a pronounced avant garde aesthetic.

Vorágines’s Publishing House looks for and selects the most creative and innovative contemporary music creators and offers them a platform to diffuse and promote their work, allowing easy access for instrumentalists, ensembles, musicologists, orchestras, institutions, schollars, amateurs, colleagues, and anyone interested. All this is done following the highest editorial standards, and completely free of charge.

Aiming at becoming the most important and prestigious Editorial House of contemporary music in Latin America, our ever growing catalog provides the complete scores as well as the individual parts of all its items. It is completely accessible digitally (PDF), and all the works can be downloaded, printed, and performed free of charge or fees. Direct contact with all the composers of our catalog is also possible.

Scores examples